0 A.D.

Battle Mod for 0 A.D.

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Published by warfaze - learn more (mod ID: 872330)


Name : battlemod.

version: 0.0.1.

Idea and Creation : Sosanko (warfaze).

Error Solving : Langbart .

Appreciations : Freagarach , Stan.




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Toilatho55555 @toilatho55555


Belisarius17 @belisarius17

Sound interesting... I'm making a scenario myself, but is more oriented to be centered as a geopolitical military strategy game, due to the way, I'm setting all the civilizations. Look for me at the forum and take a look at the preview pictures, and please post yours pictures as well, so I can check your concept out...I like the way it sounds... and thanks for sharing.

Belisarius17 @belisarius17

Does it work on version 24???

warfaze @warfaze

Yes it is for A24. But multiplayer only.

Belisarius17 @belisarius17

Thanks, by the way...I am working on a mod too... and someone to help me program the triggers.... but not easy to find the right people...but I learn as I go.... From 1 to 10 how good you consider this mod to be.??? ...II am asking you because I am a lover of ancient Battles in the classical time...and a commercial graphic designer in my personal life..and I have been like a month, working on a map of the whole Mediterranean region and Central Europe, with all civilizations starting in their historical regions... I want the mod to be a combination of age of empires and Rome total war, or at least to have that kind of feeling...that is why I am asking you, as you seem to be more experience than me... and I am interested in your mod... Can I play the map I'm making with your mod???? By the way...in the wildfire forum, I go by Belisarius 17, I posted some pictures there, looking for any mod maker , tester, or programmer to help me but no luck so far... if you like what you see there...let me know...so we can talk in private. Thanks.

warfaze @warfaze

This mod was created for paly battles only. Do not expect economic strategies except Loots gathered from kill enemy units. Start with a good amount of resources and deploy for the upcoming battle.


1. No unit can gather resources and build any buildings.

2. Female units can only build Civil Center and Palisade walls.(only one Civil Center at a time)

3. All units and blacksmith research are available from Civil Center.

4. Units produce instantly.

5. Technologies research time also Zero.

e.g : ai does not works so multiplayer is only option.