0 A.D.

Borg Expansion Pack for 0 A.D.

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Published by tet3e (mod ID: 340)

Borg Expansion Pack History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash

May 11 2019 - 1.0.4

Loot of athen merc archer;
Cost of mace champ cavalry;
Name of fanatic tech;
Spartan agoge tech;
Attack of Mace Champ cavalry;
Pig/sheep amoun of food;
Cost of Black cloak;
Add extra pop for celtic stable and range;
Two specific civ techs that could be searched for other civ if captured;
Ptol champion intantry could be training in the sbarrack without the tech;
Tech ballistic.

Balance changes:
Status dog;
Cartage bonus civ 15 > 10;
Mace bonus civ 15 > 10;
Women can build all buldings;
Kennel available on p1;
techs attack blacksmith 10% > 20%;
Slave is free but increase training time;
Gastaphetes better attack but increase cost;
Chariot are more resistant, they cost 2 pop;
Women can train on tavern without tech;
Brit infantry champ increase attack and range, but -25% attack speed and less pierce armour (have no shield);
Ptol farm cost tech 50% > 40%;
Merc tech cost merc 20% > 15%;
Priest reduced cost of metal of 80 to 60.

Marines aura;
Lighthouse aura;
New gaul build, assembly;
New gaul unit, carnyx;
New rome build, arch;
Spartan women tech;
Tech iber toledo steel;
Seleucid new civ bonus, fortress cost less;
Athen tech, ritual to Zeus;
New tower tech, fire arrows;
Some new icons;
New civic center tech;
Chickens can be trained on corral;
Unic Tech/model cartage apartment;
Unic Tech ptolomies pharaonic cult.

Feb 19 2019 - 1.0.3

Lots of new techs;
New animals on corral, bull and cow;
Cow generates food per sec;
New aura for corral;
New stats for champion units;
All dead animals lost food per sec;
Domestic animals can fatten;
Fixed number max of icons.