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formation-fighting-mod for 0 A.D.

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I made mod with better gameplay and more strategic and tactical options. The interesting Stamina concept introduced in 3.2 via fortress tech in late game. Also the development of different technologies has more impact and can counter other strategies. Melee units are hard to kill now, due to higher armor. Now long battles of mainly Melee infantry take place, while tactical moves like combining arms, flanking, encircling are possible. There is less lag in late game, because of formation pathfinding is much more efficient, no corraling, fewer and slower unit movements, more melee Units, longer Fights and resource trickle. New Formations get a automatic Hotkey-Icon, which makes even big Armies easy to control.

New Scenario Maps like BattleMania are great for testing the mod and for a fast 1vs1 online battle with big armies, somewhat like in TotalWar. But AI sucks there.

For installation: Click "Selection" of the Main Menu, go in "Download Mods", than click "Enable Mod" and finally "Start Mods". Or get the newest version directly on mod.io. and unzip in ...0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\; if necessary make a new folder: formation-fighting-mod, and unzip there.

To see all changes go in "Learn to Play" and then in "Structure tree". You can play the mod now in single and multiplayer modus.

What you must know about the Mod, which isn't shown in Structure tree: every unit have a health generate of 0.5HP/s when idle, Champions have strong, but short aura ranges (same auras don't add up, if not stackable), Women and men have the same Wood gatherrate and no Female inspiration aura anymore, Buildings are weaker vs. units and give more loot, Unit behavior is improved, regarding chasing, attacking, capturinn. With the tech like 'All men to the weapons' stamina is introduced, only use it when you are desperate or a decent player. Corrals give food trickle, but are a good investment only in the longrun. Formation fight now closer together. Formations get a automatic Hotkey-Icon without an assigned key.

Formations give extra bonuses: Phalanx:+25% Health/-10% Speed and Attack; Syntagma:+25% Health, -10% Speed ; Testudo:+3 Pierce Armor/-10% Speed ; Wedge: +25% Attack/-10% Health; Forced March: +40% Speed and +20% Attack, but -0.2HP/s when marching or fighting and -20% Health ; Skirmish: +10% attack, 10% Slower.

Thanks to Angen from the Forums, Formation Selection is been enabled.

Automatic batallion production when more than 7 units produced at once in a batch.

Some infantry types, (javelinists and melee units), can now be upgraded from elite units to champions and infantry champion melee units can upgrade to a ( forgotten) hero after 800 ExpieriencePoints,



















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Justus_Avramenko @justus-avramenko

Do they stay in formation when they fight?

gaius @gaius

No, but they keep the aura formation bonus

gaius @gaius

Now, they stay almost all thee time in formation.