Millennium A.D. History

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Jan 19 2019 - 1.1.0

- Fix an issue with the Byzantine gate.
- Add a stable for the Byzantines.
- Fixed huscarl death missing coif
- Fixed norse swordsmen death variant
- Added new berserker textures
- Add the preliminary Umayyad faction (Still full of placeholders)
- Fix Sheep Spam
- Allow pig to be trained in the Norse Farmstead
- Fix broken boat
- Fix missing smoke from Byzantine armory
- Fix broken carolingian foundation
- Add some history strings for the civilizations

Aug 6 2018 - 1.0.1

packaging bugfixes

Aug 2 2018 - 1.0.0

Millennium AD 0.23 Xýlo Changelog

• Update GUI and actor files to be compatible with vanilla 0.23 Alpha (s0600204)
• Maintenance updates and fixes since the last release (leper) (s0600204)
• Use folder.DELETED for backgrounds (leper)
• Update the home menu logo (wackyserious)

• Implementation of Byzantine faction (template, actor, aura and other files) (wackyserious)
• Cataphract cavalry armor (Alexandermb)
• New byzantine textures and tweaks (wackyserious)
• Byzantine shields and helmets (Alexandermb)
• Add lamellar + Chainmail armor (wackyserious)
• Tagmata Helmet (Alexandermb)
• New chainmail textures and Oval shield textures for Byzantines (Lordgood)
• Byzantine Paramerion (Alexandermb)
• Add new cataphract rider texture (wackyserious)
• Byzantine fishing ship (wackyserious and Alexandermb)
• Update Byzantine AI names (wackyserious)
• Byzantine Houses (Alexandermb)
• added Byzantine Bow (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine Parma shield (Alexandermb)
• Lamellar texture variants (wackyserious)
• Byzantine helmets - Burgh Castle
Archer Feathers (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine coifs update and basic helmets variants (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine a and b (Lion.kanzen)
• Byzantine Civic Center + Eyecandy decorative building (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine fences and columns (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine Barracks + Blacksmith (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine Storehouse + Dock (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine farmstead (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine Market (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine corral (Alexandermb)
• Byzantines - Added Walls Eyecandy and Skirmish Temple Blacksmith update Old blacksmith modified as armory (Alexandermb)
• New Byzantine Emblem (Alexandermb)(Lion.kanzen)(wackyserious)
• Byzantine round and plain oval shield (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine spear flag (Lion.kanzen)
• Byzantine Chi-Rho symbols in Scutatoi (Lion.kanzen)
• New Byzantine Elite unit textures (wackyserious)
• Add Byzantine portraits (wackyserious)
• Byzantine defence tower (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine quiver (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine sentry tower (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine 1st Dromon (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine bireme (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine Greek fire ship + template naming schema for other civs ships (Alexandermb)
• New Byzantine elite unit textures (wackyserious)
• Byzantine ram (Alexandermb)
• New dyed padded cloth textures for Byzantine infantry (wackyserious)
• Byzantine axe + concentric helmet (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine Merchant & Fishing Ship (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine traction trebuchet (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine Fortress (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine Wonder "Hagia Sophia" (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine cross (Alexandermb)
• Byzantine trader (Alexandermb)
• Chainmail coif full face variant for swordsman (wackyserious)
• Byzantine church cross (Alexandermb)

• Enabled Brixworth church (Anglo-Saxons) (Alexandermb)
• Anglo-Saxon defence tower (Alexandermb)
• Offa of Mercia (Anglo-Saxon Hero) - Infantry Swordsman (wackyserious)
• Anglo-Saxon banner (Lion.kanzen)
• Anglo-Saxon axe animations and fixes to barracks and houses (Alexandermb)
• Anglo-Saxon Crown (Alexandermb)
• Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo helmet (Alexandermb)

• Implementation of Carolingian faction (template, actor, aura and other files) (stanislas69)
• Enhanced Carolingian structure texture (Alexandermb)(wackyserious)
• Frankish tunics (Dyed) (wackyserious)- Based on the depictions on the Stuttgart Psalter
• Carolingian kite shield textures (wackyserious)
• Carolingian elite unit textures (wackyserious)
• Carolingian aventail helmet and Carolingian civ enabling. (Alexandermb)
• Enabled Cathedral of Aachen (Carolingians) (Alexandermb)
• Added Carolingian infantry spearman and another props for Carolingians. - Adventail B Coil (Alexandermb)
• New Carolingian church/dock/towers - Sentry Tower, Defense Tower, Church, Dock, Scaled Coil helmet aventail B (Alexandermb)
• New Carolingian armor textures - Scale armor and long byrnie. (wackyserious)

• Basic dyed tunics for Carolingians (wackyserious)- Colors are based on the Stuttgart Psalter depictions
• New Carolingian structure texture (wackyserious)
• Carolingian unit portraits (wackyserious)
• Add Catholic priest textures (wackyserious)
• Carolingian priest portrait (wackyserious)
• Carolingian Armorican cavalry armor - Added Armorican cavalry (Carolingian champion cavalry), Added ao to church actor. (Alexandermb)
• Add Carolingian female citizen textures (wackyserious)
• Carolingian royal dress texture (wackyserious)
• Add Carolingian champion cavalry unit portrait (wackyserious)
• Add Carolingian champion infantry (wackyserious)
• Add Carolingian trader (wackyserious)
• Carolingian siege trebuchet (Alexandermb) Carolingian banners (Lion.kanzen)
• Carolingian walls Part 1 - Added walls, long-medium-short-tower (Alexandermb)
• Carolingian walls Part II (Finished) (Alexandermb)
• Add Carolingian fishing ship (wackyserious and Alexandermb)
• Carolingian market+ corral (Alexandermb)
• Carolingian traction trebuchets (Alexandermb)

• Norse tent eyecandy- Addition of Norse tent's for eyecandy usage (Alexandermb)
• Norse ships updated - Drekar Added, Karvi Added, Knarr Updated and Snekkja Updated. (Alexandermb)
• Norse Ram + Eyecandy fence + tweaks (Alexandermb)
• Norse sentry tower (Alexandermb)
• Dane axe (Alexandermb)
• Norse elite textures rework (wackyserious)