Terra Magna History

FilenameVersionUploaderAddedSizeMD5 Hash

Aug 9 2018 - 1.0.2

- Fix Maps, mark broken ones as demo. change the names slightly
- Fix mod.json

Aug 6 2018 - 1.0.1

packaging bugfixes

Aug 2 2018 - 1.0.0

Terra Magna 0.23 Changelog

• Replace 3D corn with 2D corn (Niektb)
• logo updated (Lion.kanzen)
• New skirmish map Tarim Basin (wowgetoffyourcellphone)
• Maintenance updates and fixes since last release (leper) (s0600204) (elexis) (Niektb) (stanislas69)
• Fix treasures and other porting issues from maps(stanislas69)

Han Chinese
• Han Chinese new wonder (stanislas69)
• Han Chinese Gold Bixie (stanislas69)
• Han Chinese New blacksmith (stanislas69)
• Add new helmets (stanislas69)
• Implement some of Delenda Est's changes to the Chinese (Niektb)
• Han Chinese new animations for the siege tower (stanislas69)
• Han Chinese Cavalry crossbow animations (Alexandermb)
• Han Chinese added Crossbow (Alexandermb)
• Han Chinese update animations and mesh for the gate add back the flags (stanislas69)
• Han Chinese new RotE unit textures and unit actor tweaks (wackyserious)
• Han Chinese player can now garrison 9 ministers inside the government center, to reflect the historical 9 ministers of the han dynasty. (stanislas69)
• Han Chinese Add a new portrait for Minister (stanislas69)
• Add animated oars to Han Chinese ship tower (Alexandermb)
• Rename special civ ships for Petra AI (Alexandermb)
• Han Chinese champion cavalry (Alexandermb)
• Han Chinese cavalry bow animation (Alexandermb)
• Han Chinese crossbow quiver and infantry animation (Alexandermb)
• Add Han Chinese champion swordsman, archer and chariot buildable in the fortress and fortified civic center (udeved)
• Add Han Chinese a champion swordsman switching tech (udeved)
• Give government center territory influence (udeved)
• Han Chinese wonder: allow ministers to be garrisoned (udeved)

• Implementation of Xiongnu Faction (template, actor, aura, buildings, animations and other files) (Alexandermb)
• Added sheep training bonus for Xiongnu and fix for City phase requirements (Alexandermb)
• Xiongnu emblem (Lion.kanzen) (stanislas69) (Sundiata)
• New Xiongnu advanced unit textures (wackyserious)
• Add technologies to the Xiongnu (wackyserious)
• New Xiongnu elite unit texture (wackyserious)
• Horse breeding tech for the Xiongnu (wackyserious)
• Add trader and make the market inherit from market class(udeved)
• Ram & champion cavalry tooltip (Alexandermb)

• Implementation of Zapotec Faction (template, actor, aura, buildings, animations and other files) (Lordgood) (Niektb) (stanislas69)
• Showcase map for the Zapotecs (Cloud People scenario) (Niektb)
• Zapotecs Units and flora (Lordgood)
• Zapotec Structures (Lordgood)
• Zapotec main menu background (Lordgood)
• A soundtrack for Zapotecs (Lordgood) (Niektb)
• New ram for Zapotecs (stanislas69)
• Update Healers for Zapotecs (stanislas69)
• Update Traders for Zapotecs (stanislas69)
• Remove cavalry techs for Zapotecs (stanislas69)
• Specific Zapotec names of buildings (Lion.kanzen)