0 A.D.

The Age of 0 A.D. for 0 A.D.

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Published by gaius (mod ID: 132)


This mod is a extension for the balancing-mod. Therefore you need first to enable the balancing-mod and after that, you can enable this mod. The difference is that all Soldiers cannot gather wood, and women are more expensive but much better at gathering and building, (Women are 3 times more expensive but gather 3 times faster). Corrals, CCs, Slave-Admistrations and markets have resource trickles. Auxiliary Camps for all factions spam free auxiliary troops.

A batch production of exactly 12 Units, will lead to a infinite production line, and that the Units will spam automatically as a Formation. The resources of a Unit production will be drawn, not before the production has started. Metal is much more important in this mod (almost all Units need now Metal), while the need for wood is much lower and can be gained by slaves building; but Metal mines have now also more than twice as much metal and can be gathered by 36 worker at once.





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fishandchipsguvnah @fishandchipsguvnah

It might be good if not for the incredibly cringy added tech names. Why did you do that? The balancing mod has the same problem.

gaius @gaius

Sure it works just try out